Written by Vasiliki A. Ntavlourou, BVM, GPCert(ExAP),MRCVS.

In our clinic we offer a wide range of veterinary services (routine, emergencies, surgical and medical) within most species (dogs, cats, reptiles, avian, small mammals).

As well as covering emergency cases, in our clinic we emphasize in PREVENTING endemic and commonly occuring infectious diseases (Leishmaniosis, Ehrlichiosis,Leptospirosis etc) and most of all providing education to our clients in order to avoid commonly occuring infectious diseases (via a complete vaccination program), parasitic diseases as well as common domestic "accidents". For this purpose we dedicate time and effort during our routine consultations but also via our informative website, to explain and very often repeat advice on the basic care of your pet. 

You are welcome to contact/visit the clinic for discussion and advice as we aim in providing a high standard veterinary service as well as community support.


 Our priority is always welfare and high quality care, this is why we operate a structured appointment schedule so we can deliver quality over quantity in our working day.


Every clinical examination starts with a complete history taking and is always supported by a detailed physical examination of the animal and all the apropriate and necessary laboratory investigations. Depending on the severity of the case, the animal is either discharged and returned home with the appropriate treatment advice or hospitalized and given the treatment and care by us in our clinic. In cases where the animal can be returned to the onwer and treatment continued at home, we ensure frequent follow ups via repeated consultations or verbal communication with the owner.


Our basic principles are to protect the welfare of any animal under our care (owned or stray), and to ensure honest communication and the consideration of finacial status of the owner.


I never believed and still do not, in long and expensive diagnostic procedures which lead not only to prolonging the suffering of a very sick animal, but also to exchausting the owner emotionally and financially.

In this present day, I do believe that the role of Veterinary professionals in the community will gradually become more and more important. For this reason I do try in every case I undertake, from the simplest to the most complicated, to give short, cost effective and realistic solutions.


In our clinic, we will always offer the highest possible services and you will be informed of our skills and expertise.

I strongly believe in informing the owners and making them fully aware of their pet's health problems. Starting with health issues that can be prevented, I consider it my duty to educate the owners either via personal contact during the visit or through my informative website.


We do not perform "cosmetic" surgery! (ear/tail amputations) or any other operation that we consider unecessary and painful, despite any finanacial profit.


Respect and appreciation of our working environment are considered our given and unnegotiable rights.

Under no circumstances will we accept aggressive or offensive behaviour!


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